Sleepless in Seaside

May 29, 2007

Yawn, it’s 5:18 AM and my sleep aid is now beginning to kick in. Popcorn does not taste very good after brushing my teeth – but I still ate it, it was sweet – eww. Serves me right.
This is my first blog – it might be boring, but then I’m a boring person. I very much want to live a calm life, stress free and far from mean toxic people.

Tonight I have sleep issues (again), this is going to mess with me all day tomorrow (today) and probably for a few days after that. I probably shouldn’t have had the caffeinated soda so late. Ya think. I was doing so good with the caffeine free stuff too, dunno what happened. I tried a natural sleep aid and that didn’t help so I popped a Tylenol PM – which is beginning to kick in but I am fighting it. I don’t know why I do this.

Tonight we watched the Queen – it was just okay, I want to believe that Princess Diana wasn’t assasinated, but then I wonder. I remember being in Oregan when I first heard of her death – I have no idea why I was so mesmerized by this or her.

Well, it’s dawn outside and I refuse to go to sleep with full day light – so Buenos Nachos!